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AMD Athlon or Intel Xeon based beowulf cluster 1U rackmount nodes and cabinet.

Extreme Integration - Advanced cabinet and high-density Beowulf cluster node design with all-inclusive mounting, cabling, and cooling solutions

Extreme Density - 3.6 times as many AMD Athlon ™, or Intel Xeon ™ based Beowulf cluster nodes in a room as with as standard rack.

Extreme Performance - Utilize highest speed dual AMD Athlon ™, or Intel Xeon ™ processor nodes at FULL LOAD 24/7

Extreme Cooling - Hexa-Side ™ cabinet cooling and Quadra-Side ™ node cooling provide a wide operating temperature margin for optimum reliability of the AMD Athlon ™, or Intel Xeon ™ processors and the overall system. A neccesity for a high-density solution

The high-density Beowulf cluster nodes featured in this website have been optimized for dual AMD Athlon ™, and Intel Xeon ™ processor based Beowulf clustering configurations.

The Clusteron beowulf cluster appliance is available in dual Intel Xeon or dual AMD Athlon based configurations. Clusteron has been designed to allow for 3.6 times more dual proccesor beowulf cluster nodes in a single rack then utilizing standard racks and chassis. The Clusteron cabinet has been painstakingly engineered to provide maximum cooling to your dual Intel Xeon, or dual AMD athlon beowulf cluster nodes while taking up the minimum amount of space. CCSI's Quadra-Side™ and Hexa-Side™ beowulf cluster node and cabinet cooling insure long life and reliability of your beowulf super computer.

The Clusteron beowulf cluster appliance is ideal for scientific calculation and use in the science field. beowulf clustering is the future of science computing and clusteron is the future of beowulf clustering.


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